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We are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with wholesale buyers and wedding salons. Maximally clear partnership conditions, large variety of models and a wide price range - our main advantages.

Wedding salons permanently competing with each other. To win the interest and confidence of buyers, necessary first of all need to offer them a best choice. This will help you our wide range of models. Each woman has their own requirements for the wedding dress. Therefore, in this catalog we present the attention of customers along various designs with various finishes (beads, lace, rhinestones, etc.). We guarantee high quality tailoring and high quality fabrics and laces.

When choosing bridesmaid dresses primarily making attention to his style. One like finery, while others prefer fitting model. Our catalog presents a wide variety of models silhouettes. They are designed with the fashion trends. Cooperating with us, you will be able to offer our customers the world of wedding fashion trends.

Making wholesale orders in our shop, you can be sure that your purchased dresses will find their buyers. Your customers will be delighted with the exquisite appearance of outfits and affordable prices. The high quality of workmanship, attention to detail and original performance will not leave indifferent any bride.

In addition to selling wedding dresses, we are also engaged in the production of custom-made dresses. Give your sketch, and we can easily realize your ideas! As a rule, production orders takes 10-12 weeks .

The pricing policy

Wide price range will allow you to satisfy the requirements a wide range of buyers. The cost of wedding dresses, presented in our shop, determined by the complexity of manual work. We do not just sew wedding dresses and brides dream of a comfortable and luxurious model! Therefore, all the models are very popular among brides.

Policy of delivery

Delivery is made by popular courier services or mail. Send order possible in the other countries. If you don't like none of the methods of delivery, you can offer to us your own version ..

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